As businesses reopen, they need to go the extra mile to make their workplaces virus-free. While this is essential for compliance to regulations, you also need to do it for the safety of the employees and customers who visit. Defy Cleaning is a name you can rely on for the best Disinfection Services Windcrest. We are commercial cleaning experts and have been around for years. With the pandemic season around, we understand that the needs of businesses extend beyond just making them appear clean and dust-free but also include disinfection and sanitization. We make sure that there isn’t a single germ or virus on the surfaces and around, so that your place is completely safe. Rest assured, the virus wouldn’t affect anyone, neither the workers who are here every day and nor the customers who drop in to visit your place. The office, plant or unit will be completely safe and healthy with experts looking after the disinfection process. We go beyond just cleaning the surfaces but cover every nook and corner of your place. With our experts looking after all the sanitization needs, you never need to worry about the contagion.

A Three-Step Disinfection Process That Has You Covered

As a part of our commercial cleaning services for COVID-19, we follow a three-step process that offers comprehensive defense against the virus. It is something we recommend for all business, more so if there has been an outbreak in your workplace. You just need to inform us and we will be right there to help you get rid of the virus for good. We start the three-step service with cleaning, for which we use a powerful surfactant for surface-level deep cleaning on the entire surfaces at your place. The next step is disinfection, which involves the use of sanitation products to destroy every single germ that may be around lingering on your surfaces. We used a chemical-based option for offices and commercial businesses that have abundant high-touch areas. In the final step, we work on reliable protection to safeguard the place completely. It encompasses the use of silicone-based nanotechnology to add a protective layer on top of the disinfection in the second step. The unique and powerful silicone-based protection lasts for months, so you can be sure about the safety of your place till things get better. Let us give your business the potential to fight the virus and stay safe.

Commercial Cleaning Expertise You Can Depend On

By choosing Defy Cleaning for Disinfection Services Windcrest, you have the peace of mind that your place will be safe even during the toughest crisis. Our experts have been serving top-notch commercial cleaning solutions to businesses of all types and sizes over the years. We have expertise in floor cleaning and maintenance, post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and power washing and everything else you may need to keep your place healthy and shining at all times. As the need of the hour is disinfection and sanitization, we take things to the next level by adding these services to our regular portfolio. Since we already have the right skills, experience, equipment and material to clean workplaces, you can expect us to cover your current needs as well. No matter how big or small your place is and what your requirements are, we have solutions that will take care of everything. With our experts looking after your place, safety will not be a concern because we will not settle for anything but the best. We have always defied the ordinary and we will do it now again, with the best cleaning and disinfection services.