Has someone in your office tested positive for Covid-19?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to offer guidance for protecting ourselves and our environments from the coronavirus pandemic. Cleaning and vigorous disinfecting is just one strategy to help curb the virus during an outbreak. However, you can also protect your business before you ever open your doors with our three-step cleaning process:

Clean, Disinfect, Protect

Here’s how our 3-step service works:

1) Clean Defy Cleaning uses a powerful surfactant to perform surface-level deep cleaning on all of your surfaces. 

2) Disinfect – Once your commercial environment is thoroughly cleaned, our team uses sanitation products, including SiQuats that help destroy any SARS-CoV-2. SiQuats help kill germs and bacteria that potentially linger on your surfaces. Although we have a food-grade disinfectant that is home-friendly, our chemical-based option is ideal for offices, gyms, or any commercial businesses with high-touch areas. 

3) Protect – Unlike most commercial cleaning companies that skip this powerful protect step, Defy Cleaning steps in to help safeguard your business. We use silicone-based nanotechnology, OrganoSilane, to add a layer of protection on top of the disinfection. The unique silicone-based protection lasts from 90 days to up to 6-months, depending on how frequently the surface is touched.

Commercial Cleaning: Client Testimonial

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Commercial Cleaning: Client Testimonial

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Our added layer of protection is vital for offices getting ready to reopen and resume business in San Antonio, Texas. Our protectant is 4x stronger than Clorox bleach and kills bacteria within 45 to 60 seconds. Meanwhile, Clorox takes up to 10-minutes to kill the same bacteria. Perfect for high-touch areas, our three-step process can help eliminate Covid-19 germs and curb its spread.

Our service is specifically made for high-traffic or high-touch areas. It’s important to not on clean and disinfect, but to protect your surfaces from being compromised in the future.

Defy Cleaning will clean, disinfect, and protect your commercial office.