We Defy Average

At our core, we represent quality and professionalism. Defy Cleaning started with the need for things to be done correctly. After battling with cleaning organizations one after another, we realized businesses like yours needed a more reliable solution. Defy Cleaning goes above and beyond by providing high-quality commercial cleaning services with professional standards.


Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Commercial Building cleaning in San Antonio

Commercial Building Maintenence

Keep your office building presentable at all times for both your clientele and employees. With our CBM service, you have the option to use a day porter to maintain day-to-day tasks around your office space.

cleaning services in San Antonio

Post-Construction Cleanup

Defy Cleaning covers the full spectrum for post-construction cleanup. From junk hall to tidying up we take care of it all. Reconstructing the interior of a commercial building can create quite the mess, we can make sure it’s ready for your guests.

tile cleaning san antonio

Deep Clean Flooring Care: Carpet, Tile, Grout

Restore any problem areas in your home or office. Defy Cleaning and our certified trained professionals use state of the art equipment for high-pressure & high-heat deep cleaning on carpet, tile, and grout.


Showcase an Office that Welcomes your Clientele

First impressions matter more than anything. The cleanliness of your office demonstrates your level of professionalism and quality of work. This is your chance to welcome your ideal clientele and show them right away that you care about their presence. The ambiance of your commercial space will set yourself apart from anyone else in the industry and anyone who walks through your front door, whether a client or an employee, will understand that you also defy average.



Shabnam A.

“Love this company!! They do a fantastic job. The hardest part usually with any business is communication, but let me tell you about the owner! He’s so great and listens so well. You’re definitely in good hands with them. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good cleaning company!”

David G.

“Defy exceeded my expectations! Rick and the Defy crew went above and beyond hopes when cleaning the home. Details that I did not think of initially were considered by Defy and their crew. After the cleaning was complete, Rick walked me through the entire house and explained what steps they look in each room and to see if their was any additional work that was needed. He even followed up with me the following day to see if I noticed anything additional. I would highly recommend Defy for any cleaning needs!”

Jason P.

“Defy has provided our establishment with the absolute best service in the industry. They provide not only an unbelievable cleaning service, but the best in customer care and customer service as well. We are thankful for Defy and the standard that they hold themself to when it comes to providing their customers with nothing but excellence on every platform.”

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